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CLEA (the California Law Enforcement Association) has made it possible for BU 07 Fair Share, Fair Share Objectors, full union dues paying or affiliates of Peace Officers of California (PoC) to participate in the CLEA LTD Plan . . .


November 1st, 2013:


Please be advised the California Law Enforcement Association (CLEA) has opened up its 'individual' Long Term Disability (LTD) income protection plan to all State BU 07 peace officers regardless of political affiliation. So if you are Fair Share, Fair Share Objector, full union dues paying or affiliated with Peace Officers of California (POC), you are welcome to participate in the CLEA LTD Plan.

CLEA is the #1 'individual' LTD provider to peace officers in California and for the past 28 years, has paid over $82 million in disability and death benefit to its members with over $2.8 million going directly to State BU 07 members. CLEA is a non-profit, non-political mutual benefit association owned and operated by its members since 1985.

I believe this is truly a game changer when it comes to disability income protection now that all State BU 07 peace officers have full access to CLEA coverage.

CLEA offers 'individual' voluntary participation with various payment options. CLEA benefits include up to $9,500 of income protection, lifetime coverage, a long term care benefit, a cost of living benefit, pre-existing medical condition coverage, and a $60,000 death benefit for on-duty, off-duty and terminal illness.

Please contact CLEA toll-free at 1-800-832-7333 or go to and visit the tab for State BU 07 for more information. You can also download the attached benefit description for the CLEA/BU 07 LTD Plan. If you’re ready to apply, you can download the attached application and return it to CLEA via email or mail (email and address provided on application).

CLEA welcomes all State BU 07 peace members.

Gary Schales, President






The following page outlines the reasons behind P.o.C. having to change it's Legal Defense agreement and issuing 'cease & desist' notifications to purveyors of 'misleading' information . . .


. . .  and so, to the latest and the greatest where CAUSE / CSLEA defends itself to the last Peace Officer:

Click here for the summary of events . . . or read below for the chronology of events:


Tuesday 29th November 2011:


. . . and it came to pass that Lackie, Dammeier, and McGill decided not to renew P.o.C.'s legal defense for January 2012 (why after 3 years you wonder?) giving a 60 day notice:


Lackie, Dammeier, and McGill 60 day LD termination notice



Wednesday 30th November 2011:


The Board of P.o.C. directors immediately prepared a statement the next day, releasing it to applicable members on Friday 2nd December via e-mail:


e-mail termination notice to members


Within a few days the Board of Directors had identified alternative legal defense coverage and within a week completed the negotiation processes leading to the following announcement that was released to applicable members on:


Monday 12th December 2011:


A copy of that announcement is as follows:

P.o.C. Legal Defense Contract with Rose Law . . .

To:                  All P.o.C. Legal Defense Members

From:              Mark Falcione, P.o.C. Legal Defense Liaison

Date:               December 12, 2011

Subject:           P.o.C. Legal Defense Contract with Rose Law


Valued Member,


Effective February 1, 2012, the Rose Law Firm will be taking over the Legal Defense contract for Peace Officers of California.  The Legal Defense services provided by Rose Law will be exactly the same as those formerly provided by Lackie, Dammeier, and McGill, and the cost for those services will also be exactly the same.  Therefore, there will be NO increase in your membership dues.  The only things that will change are the names of your Legal Defense attorneys.


As most of you should know, our current provider of legal defense, Lackie, Dammeier and McGill notified us last week that they would no longer be providing our legal defense needs.  Each P.o.C. member should have received a copy of the 60 day notice in my e-mail memo.  The notice was sent to the e-mail address you listed on your P.o.C. membership application.  If a personal e-mail address was not listed, it should have gone to your work email address (unless you asked to be removed from our e-mail lists.)    In any event, please be advised that the P.o.C. Board of Directors held a Special Board Meeting last Friday and voted to enter into the contract with (Joe) Rose Law so that they could take over our Legal Defense representation needs.  To view their current website:


This is, in fact, great news for many reasons!  Joe Rose has been an ally in the fight to obtain a “Peace Officer Only” bargaining unit since the beginning of this campaign.  He is independent (read: not influenced by politics or other POA’s) and has wide ranging experience in labor relations, contract negotiations, and legal defense.  We have been served well by our current law firm, but the contract we entered into with them three years ago was temporary and based on the outcome of the PERB Severance Hearings decision.  Politics run deep in Sacramento and we are pleased to report to each of you that the P.o.C. Board is confident that the new choice for legal defense has the experience, orientation, motivation, and staff to represent our varied groups of peace officers.


We are in the process of updating both organizational websites.  We will provide you with a 24/7 Legal Defense Hot Line phone number for Rose Law during the month of January.  We look forward to a long and dynamic relationship with Rose Law.  We have already had discussions regarding our mutual future plans in which we will be expanding our organizations and the array of services we offer.  Rose Law has committed to working in a mutually focused direction with Peace Officers of California in order to address our unique needs and expand both organizations.  If you would like to contact the P.o.C. Board of Directors, please phone, fax or e-mail us as listed on the web-site at:

. . .  and so, thinking all had been made clear, the P.o.C. Board relaxed in the knowledge that it had protected the Members interests in finding a Legal firm willing to support the Legal Defense needs of the serving Peace Officers . . .  and then, WHAT $#@!@#$ . . . on:


Wednesday 21st December 2011:


a CAUSE / CSLEA e-newsletter was released with inaccurate statements just a few days before Christmas,  requiring the volunteer members of the Board, yet again, to rise to the occasion by contacting outstanding legal professionals, yet again, to prevent the miss-information issued from jeopardizing the harmony of professional lives through causing disruption and anguish (as per usual) for no real reason other than simply that!


CAUSE / CSLEA: Do not suffer a lapse in your Legal Defense Fund Coverage!


Our response was:


Friday 23rd December 2011:

P.o.C. serves a 'cease and desist' warning to CAUSE / CSLEA

and later issues an ems (Electronic Mail Shot) to all BU 7 Peace Officers so that they might know what was actually going on with an administration that was supposedly protecting and nurturing the interests of the Peace Officer contingent of members who are actually still a part (in most cases) of the actual bargaining unit (even if it is only a minor ~40% of the overall BU)!!

Tuesday 3rd January 2012:

Valued BU 7 Peace Officers;

Unfortunately, some of you may have received a CSLEA E-Newsletter on 12/21/11 which contained blatantly false and misleading information regarding P.o.C.'s Legal Defense status. In their Newsletter, CSLEA claimed there would be a lapse in Legal Defense coverage and encouraged our Members to quit and re-join CSLEA.

This is absolutely false information being published about P.o.C. by CSLEA.

We recently announced to our Membership that there would be a change in Legal Defense attorneys, but there will be NO lapse in coverage, NO decrease in services, and NO increase in our $30 monthly dues.  To be clear, on February 1st, 2012, the Rose Law Firm will take over Legal Defense representation for P.o.C.

Because CSLEA is not only publishing false information, but also making false suggestions regarding P.o.C.’s ability to retain Legal Defense Counsel, even though we already have secured Legal Defense, we have had one of our attorneys send them a Cease and Desist Demand (copy attached, link here).


We apologize for all the drama being created by CSLEA’s latest attack against P.o.C. However, we felt the need to set the record straight and provide you with the TRUTH, as always.


We hope you and your families had a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season and we look forward to enjoying a more prosperous 2012 with all of you. 


Thank you for your Service


Victor U. Sanchez, President


Peace Officers of California

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