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Peace Officers of California (P.O.C.)  has contacted three separate award-wining cinematographers that have done everything from producing award winning television programming to independent and short films and documentaries. 


A first order of business will be to develop a PR media piece on each affiliate ranging from 5-10 minutes long that will graphically illustrate your job so that you can educate elected officials, media, and the public.  We need to distill down the essence of your position and convey it through modern technology to elected officials so they can really get a picture of your job and how important it is.  We then use our video to recruit individual legislative champions for each affiliate or each issue by gauging their interests in the wide variety of enforcement roles that P.O.C. perform.  An all peace officer only endorsement from P.O.C. will actually mean something to elected officials!


Included in the project will be Public Service Announcements (PSA) for each affiliate.  Every affiliate should produce as many of these as possible on any topical issue that they enforce.  This does a public service for Californians, as well as increase our name recognition with voters and elected officials.


We will also be using our videos to educate the public – because voters count in Sacramento.  Once the public discovers who you are and what you do – we will be unstoppable.  Fair or not, no matter how you dress up CAUSE / CSLEA it will always be a pig on roller skates to the public and the media – the union known as the “billboard” and “milk inspectors.  As long as you are members of CAUSE / CSLEA that how people will think of you.  Why do you think they keep changing their name?


P.O.C. will have a PR consultant, legislative, and bargaining team work with each affiliate to help develop a cohesive law enforcement message. 


Whom do you think the Governor or the Legislature is more likely to give a pay increase in tough times – P.O.C. CAUSE / CSLEA?


You can be part of the change to help State Peace Officers gain pay-parity:


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